Soil To Soul

Soil To Soul, Since 1924

Do we remember when was the last time, we really got connected to Mother earth? Did we ever know that there is an invisible force right beneath our feet, that can bring amazing health benefits. We are often, too engrossed in our material pursuits that we forget to have a glimpse in the curative and beautifying power of Mother Nature. The unification of humankind and nature is of utmost importance as it relates to creation, destruction, diversity and above all, the spiritual health of mankind.

Real Beauty is raw, natural and pure. It is often hidden in the core essence of things. It becomes aware in the subtle light of awareness. Real beauty is not limited to the eyes of the beholder, but transcends to mind and finally to our soul and stays there forever. However the current consumerism has distorted the definition of beauty which is often just skin deep, loaded with artificial elements and heavy chemicals that do more harm than good to our skin. The consumerism has also taken a toll on the ancient art of Ayurveda, where several products are being sold as organic, often leaving consumers either confused or cheated or sold at exuberant price. This irresponsible consumerism is creating a havoc in the nature, which ultimately is going to take a toll on us.

Ayurveda is not just a product, but a philosophy, a way of life which is based on principals of our ancient wisdom of thousand years. It needs the goodness of nature to be collected at right time, processed in right manner and preserved in a way so that the maximum benefit reaches the end user.

We at Sukrit, aim at giving products which are not only products, but actually a thought process, a conscious thought process. If we are conscious, we are aligned with everything around us, aligned with our nature. We grow our own herbs, we know what is there in our medicines, we know our doctors, WE ARE CONSCIOUS…And this consciousness comes through a unique method of meditation. We have chanting sessions, we have mindful eating and Yajna therapies to cleanse our mind and soul. Our products search for the hidden treasures from mother earth. We have century old understanding of the biological clock of plants, subsequently we know the right time to pluck for extracting maximum nutrients. Hence ultimately we know what is there in our product.

Isn’t it rightly said, “ Don’t find Customers for your products, find products for your customers.”

At Sukrit, we are also trying to bridge the gap between haves and have nots. We run community centres, vocational programmes to the needy, providing them the skills, in order to get them employable at the various corporate sectors. We also provide them entrepreneurial skills so that they can start their own setup. So on one side we are promoting conscious living, we have Ayurvedic hospitals which aim at holistic healing, on the other hand we are bringing the society closer, thus bringing everyone on the same platform, in complete harmony with each other.

A portion of all our sales goes back to environmental and social projects. By choosing SUKRIT, you have chosen to say ‘YES’ to support people, plant and planet.