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Sukrit Satva – Sharpen your child’s Mind | Boost your child’s Memory

Sukrit Satva – Sharpen your child’s Mind | Boost your child’s Memory

(107 customer reviews)


Helps Improve Cognition, Concentration & Sharper Your child’s Mind

Unique Ayurvedic Formula for Mental & Emotional Health

Helps you manage Stress, Anxiety & Mental Fatigue

100% Ayurvedic and natural

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  • Brahmi, a small succulent herb is known to have memory enhancing capacities. It has a cooling property and helps in inducing sound sleep. The biochemical in Brahmi helps to improve brain functioning like memory, intelligence and concentration.


  • Yashtimadhu or Mulethi or Licorice, a sweet tasting herb also helps in improving general intelligence and managing stress and anxiety.


  • Mandukaparni, an ancient Ayurvedic herbs used to prepare Medha Rasayan. It contains bioactive constituents which works towards improving the overall functioning of the brain.


  • Shatavari, a member of the asparagus family, has great immunity boosting properties. It is good for managing stress and anxiety.


  • Shankhapushpi, a herb used in Ayurveda to help boost memory and intellect. This herb has a wide range of benefits but most of all is known to calm the brain and improve the ability of the brain to focus, learn and concentrate.


  • Khajuri or dates are high in vitamin B and choline, both of which are extremely beneficial for mental health. Also being naturally sweet, they act as a good substitute for sugar.


  • Draksha or grapes in common language, are rich in flavonoids. It  particularly helps in fighting against age related mental decline.


107 reviews for Sukrit Satva – Sharpen your child’s Mind | Boost your child’s Memory

  1. Vishal malabhai Padaya (verified owner)

    Stress ke liye kafi accha hai. mai roj kha raha hoon.

  2. Manoj singh (verified owner)

    Mera beta chocolate jyada khata tha. Main jab se Satva de raha hoon wo chocolate nahi maangta hai. Bahut accha product hai,

  3. Debobrata Ray (verified owner)

    Nice product….

  4. Pardeep Kumar (verified owner)

    Packaging was good and safe. Taste is good.

  5. Prince Arora (verified owner)

    I can feel the taste of dates. I always saw Ayurveda in sour taste. But this product is really good in taske. It tastes like jam.

  6. Harikumar Krishnamurthy (verified owner)

    Wanted to have Ayurvedic brain tonic for stress for daily use. Satva fulfils my desire.

  7. Vishal Kumar (verified owner)

    Good product…

  8. Shilpa Sharma (verified owner)

    I feel mentally tired and wanted to try somehting natural. Satva has Shatavari which is good for women as I heard. I feel mentally fit.

  9. Rakesh kumar Sharma (verified owner)

    I wanted to give good ayurvedic products to my kids for brain development and mind sharpness. I can see the result that their focus towards study got increased. I would like to recommend this product to my neighbour aslo.

  10. Neha Singh (verified owner)

    I got the bottle brocken but Sukrit Ayurveda gave us the new one, once I approched their helpdesk.

  11. ANAND CHARI (verified owner)

    I found all the products of Sukrit Ayurveda very effective. Whatever they promise, they give basically. Satva is not exception. Satva is very good in taste and very effective.

  12. Priya Shivhare (verified owner)

    Very effective

  13. Rahul Gupta (verified owner)

    Very good result…

  14. Anita Kumari (verified owner)

    Very effective for kids who are habituated of junk food.

  15. Renu Gautam (verified owner)

    It is jam like product. Good taste. We give to kinds twice a day…

  16. Meera Singh (verified owner)

    Good for kids…

  17. Rajesh Kothari (verified owner)

    No side effective… It helped in my metabolism also…

  18. Sachin Chaubey (verified owner)

    Helped me in good sleep. Helped my child to focus… I always whated to give ayurvedic products with Brahmi and shankhpushpi to my son. This proudct has everything.

  19. Arun Kumar (verified owner)

    I use it daily. I am software engineer and I started feeling fatigue after working entire day on computer. Satva gives me mental strenght. I do not feel stress now. Good product.

  20. Vijay Kumar (verified owner)

    Awesome products. I recommened many of my friends. Good for those who has more mental work.

  21. Lakshmi mishra (verified owner)

    very nice product. It does not give feeling of eating any ayurvedic medicine. Kids are liking it nost.

  22. Lakshmi mishra (verified owner)

    Brain Tonic. It works slowly. I am going to continue this.

  23. Jai Prakash Singh (verified owner)

    Brain Tonic. It works slowly. I am going to continue this.

  24. Subhash Kumar (verified owner)

    Ingredients are well chosen. I am surprise that it incorporates all the ingredients which are know for brain functioning in Ayurveda. Brahmi, Shakhpushpi, Mandukparni. Very effective and nice product. Since kids are liking it, so I always carry this. Surprisingly it is very good in taste.

  25. Akash Kr (verified owner)

    My friend referred me. I have just started. Taste is very nice like jam.