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Naranga Refreshing Bodywash


Naranga Refreshing Bodywash

(3 customer reviews)


A unique formulation with a blend of active herbs known for their nourishing and cleansing properties. This low-foaming solution cleanses the skin gently.

  • Anti-bacterial & Anti-fungal
  • Long-Lasting Scent
  • Rejuvenates and nourishes
  • Soothes and repairs skin damage
  • No Artificial Perfume

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In the hunt for a body wash that has a long-lasting fragrance, the health freaks add all sorts of chemical compounds in their bathtubs. While this does add some flavours to your body wash, but it fails to beat the daily blues of dust and pollution. All these evils could still be countered off with something that has everything natural in its core. The only thing you have to do is to pay some heed to the needs of your body that can also help it with long-lasting fragrance naturally.


Cleaning our body is a daily act that we do almost every day and which we must do to keep it away from getting aged, dull and dead. Now, these two words ‘Cleaning’ and ‘Cleansing’ may sound similar and almost have the same spelling. Still, the latter has a deep meaning and process to give your body nourishing, glowing and ravishing appearance and devoid of free radicals.


Why Naranga Refreshing Bodywash is a Long-Lasting Fragrance Body Wash?

The care to self is a new concept in India. The millennials love knowing about the products they use but because of continuous changing seasons and weathers, this can keep them in a state of confusion. This confusion becomes more of an issue with a hot and humid environment, dust, smoke, and pollution around as it directly leads to higher damage and risk to the skin and body.


In such changing weather conditions after every two months and many mini-seasons within those seasons, one requires a body wash that can take care of the body in all seasons and has with long-lasting fragrance to beat the sweating blues and odor. ‘Naranga’ body wash has a broad ambit in terms of uses. Unlike the products that are customized specifically for the oily, dry and normal skin type, ‘Naranga’ can be used for all skin types without any discrimination to a skin type.


The counterfeit beauty products made up of synthetic chemicals may do cleanse your skin. Still, they add more chemicals to your body. This exposure to chemical agents might give you the desired result, but most likely, it would damage your skin in the long run for sure. If you follow health journals, magazines, news articles carefully or even superficially, you might have noticed the scientific reports emerging out now and then about the hazards these chemicals bring along with them. Well, this is not to frighten you off but to make you aware of choosing something fundamental, healthy, natural to the core and that can still give your body long-lasting smell.


If you do some research on finding a body wash with long-lasting fragrance, then please do keep one thing in mind that it should be chemical and sulphate in its production. While there are too many organic washes for the body around us, the hunt for a reliable and chemical and sulphate free body wash in India still is a task for the people who search for a body wash with long-lasting fragrance.

The merits you read above are present in the ‘Naranga Refreshing Body wash’ which is a lush body wash containing no sulphate in its production.


  1. Antibacterial, Anti-fungal-  With the alarming rise of bacterial and fungal infection across the globe, healthy skin can counter the bacterial and fungal infections more effectively than an ordinary skin that does not have any protection around it. ‘Naranga’ Refreshing body wash has the requisite ingredients that give it the properties to claim antibacterial and anti-fungal body wash.


  1. Body wash for all skin type- Because of its ingredients, ‘Naranga’ helps with all skin type, from dry to soft, it nourishes every skin type and keep them alive and don’t let the smooth epidermal cells of the skin go dead quickly.


  1. Acts as an antioxidant- A perfect body wash necessarily has to have antioxidants that can counter the ill effects of free radical. While it is good to have meals, nutrients that antioxidants in them, your skin’s additional antioxidants requirement can be filled with using ‘Naranga’ Refreshing body wash daily. It cleanses the skin and reduces the blemishes.


  1. Hydration for dry skin- ‘Naranga’ provides much-needed hydration to the body to counter the ill effects of the hot and humid environment around. The body wash does not let the skin go dry, makes it supple and smooth.


  1. Anti-Ageing- With every second body wash claiming to be an anti-ageing body wash, the selection of a right, natural, and good anti-ageing body wash becomes very difficult for you. Still, the detailed list of ingredients in ‘Naranga’ body wash that make it unique can help you to choose the best among countless body washes.


  1. Acts as an exfoliator- Skin exfoliation is a requirement to have clean and lustrous skin. ‘Naranga’ body wash removes oil, dirt from the skin to cleanse it and helps in exfoliation. The skin sheds dead cells naturally, but sometimes to have a clean and lustrous skin exfoliation is required.  It’s essential to remove oil, dirt and cleanse the skin. Eliminating the dead cells from the skin gives it a youthful and healthy-looking appearance with a pleasant fragrance.



  1. Orange Extracts- ‘Naranga’ or Orange contains high ‘Vitamin C’ that helps in looking skin young as high citric acid fights exfoliation. The presence of natural organic oils in this face wash keeps skin softer and healthier. The antioxidants in orange keep away free radicals to counter wrinkles and ageing. The oranges do away with sagging of skin to improve firmness.


  1. Aloe Vera- Aloe vera consists of 98.5% water in it which surely acts as an organic boon for the hydration of the body. The aloe vera in ‘Naranga’ Refreshing body wash keeps skin moistened, and protects from skin burns and UV radiations.


  1. Neem Extract- ‘Naranga’ Refreshing body wash contains ‘Neem’ in it as a powerful ingredient in washing this body as antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties because of the presence of Nimbin, Nimandial in natural form.

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300 ml


Tired of those long to-do lists? Disconnect, recharge and rejuvenate as you immerse yourself in the aromatic power of Naranga. Take an amount, equivalent to one tablespoon, of the Naranga body cleanser on your wet sponge. Lather all over and rinse off for an indulgent experience.

3 reviews for Naranga Refreshing Bodywash

  1. Aprazita

    First best thing about this is it’s fragrance. Doesn’t leave behind a residue as some other body washes do. Makes the skin healthy, smooth and glowing. I did check about the ingredients, and all of the same seemed to be quite natural. It never causes any skin rash like other products, which were quite harmful to my sensitive skin.
    It is the only thing I want for today and tomorrow and always.

  2. Aprazita

    “Highly Recommend”

    First best thing about this is it’s fragrance. Doesn’t leave behind a residue as some other body washes do. Makes the skin healthy, smooth and glowing. A mixture of so many herbs and natural oils, Tulsi, and aloevera etc. I did check about the ingredients, and all of the same seemed to be quite natural. It never causes any skin rash like other products, which were quite harmful to my sensitive skin.
    It is the only thing I want for today and tomorrow and always.

  3. Paru Smita

    Tried for the first time and it’s an amazing body wash. The variant has a lovely fragrance. I like this body wash more because it leaves a glow after use and lasts longer. Would definitely recommend friends. Packaging was absolutely perfect by Sukrit Ayurveda.

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