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Sukrit Ayurveda Hingwastak Churna

Sukrit Ayurveda Hingwastak Churna


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Hingwastak Churna is a well known traditional Ayurvedic recipe that helps to treat indigestion, acidity, constipation, and loss of appetite.

It also improves the metabolic rate of the body.


Indian Name Botanical Name Percentage
Sonth Zingiber officinale 14.03%
Pipal Piper longum Linn 14.03%
Kali Mirch Piper nigrum 14.03%
Ajawain Trachyspermum ammi 14.03%
Hing Asafoetida 1.75%
Sendha Namak rock salt 14.03%
Syah Jeera Black Cumin 14.03%
Safed Jeera Cuminum Cyminum 14.03%


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