Embracing Vegetarianism

Why we should become Vegetarian?

 A new research has revealed that an average vegetarian consumes lower amount of saturated fat and cholesterol than his meat eating counterpart. Studies all across the world suggest that the human body is primarily and naturally designed for a vegetarian diet. Our intestines are around 10-12 times our body length, which is fairly long as compared to the intestines of carnivores which are much shorter and can therefore push down the meat before it begins to rot inside their bodies. Also, humans have blunt canines much like that of a herbivores which are meant to cut down softer, easily digestible, veggies and fruits and not flesh.

Impact of Food on the Mind

 It is said ‘As the food so is the mind’. Th energy we consume has a great impact on our minds. It is a myth that consuming non-vegetarian food is good for health. In fact, it drains away your energy because of the negative energy contained in it. When an animal is slaughtered, it experience fear and lot of negative emotions. These emotions produce various hormones and toxins in the body. They thus infuse negative emotions and make you feel heavy. Consuming such foods distracts the mind, making you less mindful and less sensitive about your surroundings, thereby severely impacting your deep spiritual connection with yourself. This was the main reason why yogis, practising mediators, health mediators, heath conscious individuals etc. refrained from consuming non vegetarian foods and turned to a sattvic diet and simple lifestyle. Sattvic foods are fresh vegetarian foods which are abundant in prana – life force energy.

Following are health perks associated with a vegetarian diet:

 Enhances Overall Health

 Vegetarian diet comes with a world of benefits, particularly in arresting heart diseases and minimizing the risk of cancer. A vegetarian diet devoid of fat is an efficacious way to control the coronary artery diseases or check its progress entirely.

Keep you slim and thin

This might sound misleading but a vegan diet makes it much easier to reduce your waist size. Since most of the vegetarian foods have lower energy density, you can augment your chances of losing weight by including whole grains, fruits and vegetables in your platter.

Improves bone health

A wholesome and balanced diet is the cornerstone of good bone health as it comprises the range of nutrients required for our bones. Therefore it is recommended to consume food items which packs high-calcium punch such as dry beans, tofu, soya milk and leafy vegetables.

Boosts energy levels

What sustains you through a hectic day at work are molecules of glycogen. A healthy diet comprising of whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables replenishes the glycogen stores in the body and keeps the muscles revived.

Improves mood and fulfils your nutritional requirement

Consuming a wholesome vegan diet enhances mood and lowers the stress level in the body. The constructive effects of vegetarian diets can be accredited to the difference in levels of arachidonic acid which are responsible for stimulating changes in the brain that leads to anxieties and worries. Many of us have deeply held misconceptions that a vegetarian diet lacks the adequate nutrients required for day to day functioning.

How to bring about a change

  • Start small: Going the vegetarian way does not mean that you force upon yourself this regime all of a sudden. Rather it is a slow and gradual process which begins with familiarising yourself with the benefits and also alternate vegetarian options that substitutes the taste and nutritional value of your favourite non-vegetarian food.
  • Take each day as it come: The best way to kick start the transition is to incorporate small amounts of whole grains, beans and legumes into your diet and start off by reducing meat intake gradually. If you could consume non-vegetarian food every day, you could start with switching to a total vegetarian diet at least for one day a week, and gradually taking it further.
  • Having a cheat day is okay: If there is an irresistible urge building up inside you, you can always pamper yourself with your favourite non-vegetarian food. Remember that nobody is perfect and we all go through the occasional temptation of straying from our diet plan which is completely fine.

Wishing you all the best in your endeavor to embrace vegetarianism and contribute to conserving Mother Earth in a small way.

Contributed By Team Sukrit

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